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� "Well, at any rate," conjectured Doyle, rather heartlessly, I thought, "I don't think people will waste a great deal of sympathy on her. It leaves Vina Lathrop no more than she deserves. The man she tried to use is dead. The man she sought to capture has turned her down cold. Now the husband she had no use for, except as a meal ticket, has left her. I can't see but what that dame had it all coming to her." "I went to work for Mr. Walton in 1972, when he only had sixteen tractors on the road. The first month,I went to a drivers' safety meeting, and he always came to those. There were about fifteen of us there,and I'll never forget, he said, 'If you'll just stay with me for twenty years, I guarantee you'll have$100,000 in profit sharing.' I thought, 'Big deal. Bob Clark never will see that kind of money in his life.' Iwas worrying about what I was making right then. Well, last time I checked, I had $707,000 in profitsharing, and I see no reason why it won't go up again. I've bought and sold stock over the years, andused it to build on to my home and buy a whole bunch of things. When folks ask me how I like workingfor Wal-Mart, I tell them I drove for another big company for thirteen yearsone they've all heard ofandleft with $700. Then I tell them about my profit sharing and ask them, 'How do you think I feel aboutWal-Mart'"GEORGIA SANDERS, RETIRED HOURLY ASSOCIATE, WAL-MART NO. 12, CLAREMORE,OKLAHOMA: And even today, Rob goes on real estate trips and attends every real estate meeting. And he took everything I said down on this yellow legal pad. "Because there was a Ben Franklin store in Rogers, run by somebody else, we really stirred up ahornet's nest when we opened that first store. I vividly remember opening day. Along with the crowds ofshoppers, a group of 'officials' from Ben Franklin in Chicagoall dressed in pin-striped suitsshowed up. chengrenav网址_东京热在线观看_东京热一本道高清免费_男人的天堂av社区在线 � 鈥淟ucy,鈥?said Maggie, with another great effort, 鈥淚 pray to God continually that I may never be the cause of sorrow to you any more.鈥? There wasn't a lot of competition for us in the early days because nobody was discounting in the smallcommunities. So when we discounted items, it was just an unheard-of concept outside the larger towns. 鈥淚 have another reason for it,鈥?I replied. 鈥淵ou must know I am in the habit of writing from time to time, to a friend of mine in the country, all that I can learn of the maxims of your doctors. Now, although I do no more than simply report and faithfully quote their own words, yet I am apprehensive lest my letter should fall into the hands of some stray genius who may take into his head that I have done you injury, and may draw some mischievous conclusion from your premisses.鈥? "What'll we do to-night?" said Bobo casually.